NADFOOD established in 1983, it has specialized in producing canned foods, juices and dairy products. NADFOOD gained distinction for its pursuit of “Quality” in management, production procedures processes, and products.NADFOOD`S vision is to be the leader in dairy and canned food production in Yemen. This vision is now the reality. NADFOOD pays special attention to the efficiency and capability of its production machines. State of the art technology is employed, and strict international standards in food processing and packaging are adopted. Challenge As an international company with such reputation the logo has to be strong enough to represents the company position in the regional market with the easy to remember and calm color logo. Result Simplicity and uniqueness was the main factors that we wanted to achieve in this logo. The logo also shows a simple link to nature which is the leaf. The final result looks strong and easy to be applied to any media type. 1135151274800222 1135151274800179 1135151274799686

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