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Logos Design 2002 - 2011

Some selected logos that I designed with my old team at Snono Design during the years from 2002 to 2011. 

In my life as a designer I had many turning points which change the way I design and the way I see things, I guess that applied to many of you as well. By the time, we realize that some of the work that we did in the past which we were so happy about was not great or maybe was bad at some points. On the other hand, some of the work that we did at our early stages as designers might keep looking good and strong over the years. 

Personally, I had a big truing point in my life and my career in 2011 and that is why I divided my works into 2 groups, one which you are watching in this page and the other one which I will be sharing later in another post. I put the logos in one color here to showcase the architecture or the logos without distraction. 

You could see more about the projects of some of the logos here in my older posts in Branding section.

Thank you :)

Logos Design 2002 - 2011
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