Behind My TedX Experience


The experience of Standing on Stage for the first time in my life was really exciting one but this is not what I will write about .. I will write about what was behind this great experience

The idea from the Making to Event day Ideas generally start small and needs lots of work and development until they become in acceptable and useful form. I was planning to talk about design in our life and around us , but I didn't know how to start and from where should I begin. I wanted my speech to be meaningful and simple that it reaches all people and not only design professionals.

I start by watching lots of TED and TEDx talks, reading many articles about this subject..I wrote down and collect many notes and draft ideas which I posted it in front of me during the preparation period. Many great help and guidance came also from TEDxSanaa team.The final idea was mix of many ideas that I wrote down at the beginning.

The Event Preparation and Organizing
I will not be exaggerating if I said that the event was really outstanding and surprising for the majority who attended the event (including my self)The selection of the attendees was done carefully, The timing and sessions management was perfect.The event was a excellent, inspiring and joyful day in city of Sanaa after two tough years this city had passed during the armed clashes and political unrest

TEDx Event not just a normal event, it's a great chance for Networking and Communication
It is not easy in city like Sanaa to meet those exceptional attendees in one place at one time. There were different people from different areas in Yemen. A mix of many academics, professionals,  talents and business men. Networking is added value to all TEDx events around the world. Later on, I was surprised by the feedback I got from many people that I don't know about their passion about details and design, Design that I believed that it's a way of life more than it's just plain beautiful shapes.

Finally, I would like to thank all people who participate in this event from the idea to the event day.Now we will celebrate the 2nd event in 13.11.13 and Soon another TEDxAden in Aden city :) Below is the video of my Talk in TEDxSanaa Design as way of life (English subtitled)