11 Personal Business Tips & Advices

My first business advices based on my short experience in business :
1. Meetings & Communication
  • Make it productive: Shorter is better, Keep focused & summarize the results to the client at the end.
  • Listen carefully & take notes
  • When you do a phone call don't test people memories, that might embarrass them and build wall between you and them .. always introduce your self when you call some one.
  • Always Call back when you see missed calls & NEVER ignore people even if you didn't like dealing with them. find another way except ignoring.
2. Your Professional Look
  • Your website & Cooperate Identity : It is how people quickly evaluate you, your service and market position. You need to pay much attention how that combination will look.
  • Your Work Space: it always reflect the type of people you are and it shows also how professional you are
  • Don't forget always try to Dress well :)
3. Clients: Small Businesses vs Big Ones 
Usually people look for big clients thinking that it is better then small businesses (its not always true) here are some tips
  • When got approached by client : Never under estimate a client just be professional
  • Small businesses are the gate for bigger clients
  • If you are service provider, Small businesses will give more space to show ideas and test new services.
  • Small ones will be bigger some day and you will be part of that success! so keep helping small and new businesses
4. Staffing: Talent Search ? 
  • Are you really looking for talent? or looking for losers who doesn't have chance? What did you do to attract talents? usually companies attract jobless people ..
  • You don’t know when a real talent come by your door? So keep your doors ALWAYS open
  • Always try finding new “fresh” graduates & minds.
5. Social Responsibility: 
  • I think it apply to all business levels, every one could do something .. Always keep volunteering, contributing in social development project, events and causes
6. Clients are HUMAN
  • Be patient with all.
  • NEVER deal with client the same.
  • Old clients need some Appreciation, that Appreciation should be reflected into real benefits for them not just talking
  • Make your clients feel they are valuable to you. Value them, their time and their work.
  • Mistakes Happens: when you do mistakes translate it to some thing productive for client. discount? free gift ....etc
7. Commitment First 
  • When it come to services and in many cases commitment is more important than quality
  • Never stop in the middle !
8. Personal Life and Business Life
  • DONT mix your business with your personal problems, and stay always positive.
  • In some cases its better to deal with clients as they are and not to deal with them as friends .
  • Try to get vacation from time to time.
9. Development 
  • Make your self as part of your client business & always share ideas to develop their businesses.
  • Try to evaluate your service to them and the benefits they got through, Based one that develop it on next time.
10. You & Your Team
  • Being a leader means you should always be running on the first place, be inspiring to your team.
  • Some team members might be better than you some day ?! give them a space to show that and reward them for it. You cant luck a free bird on a cage ! The bird will run away some day.
  • Dont deal with your team members as you have CREATED them, You helped them & they helped you. Keep growing them as you grow ! That will make it difficult for them to leave you.
11. Privacy 
  • Never talk about clients problems and issues in front of any other competitors, business colleague nor your personal friends
  • Teach your team how to deal carefully with clients info & emphasize on that on their work contract.
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