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18 March 2011

“Yemen’s pro-democracy protests exploded into violence on Friday, as government supporters opened fire on demonstrators in this capital, killing at least 45 people and wounding more than 200. The bloodshed failed to disperse the angry throng of tens of thousands of protesters, the largest seen so far in a month of demonstrations calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. “- The New York Times 

Here I'm sharing some of the photos that I witnessed in 18 March 2011. I still can not write much about this terrible day since I still feel confused each time I look back at the photos. My feelings didn’t change since the day I took the photos while I was shaking and crying. 

The photos were taken in change square area: The field hospital, The mosque of change square (Aljamea mosque) and Aldayeri St.

Warning : The following photos contain graphic material

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A wedding in the city that had clashes in some parts of it, where we had only two hours of electricity a day! That simply tells a lot about the people of Yemen. An idea that was born during the days of the clashes in Yemen during 2011.

My Father’s Last Days

This is not a professional work, it is just sad personal memories of my dad’s last days in life. All the photos were taken using mobile camera by me or my brother, Suhaib.