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From Sanaa to Hilversum, Living in the land of bikes

Some photos and snapshots for bicycles that I took during my trip to The Netherlands. I stayed in Hivlersum around 80 days where  I was working on some design projects. During that time I was taken by bikes life style and how excellent its infra structure was designed. What attract you as a human in bikes community is the human touch in each one, you could see a story behind each bike. The customization and accessories that many people do for their bicycles, the diversity of bicycles designs, colors and bikes ages. The other details that stuck in your mind during living there, like sounds of bike's classic bells. I also still remember the sound of the wheel when I use to bike in the nights during last summer. For someone who lived most of his life in a city like Sanaa that was an outstanding feeling and experience :)

In the photos, I tried to capture different "moments" for bikes in different places in Hilversum and Amsterdam, Hope you like the photos ..


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