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Situation concept was born during the days of the clashes in Yemen during 2011, I was influenced and amazed by the strong desire of people to live and to continue their normal lives despite what was going around them. A wedding in the city that had clashes in some parts of it, where we had only two hours of electricity a day! That simply tells a lot.

On the other side you still see that those people couldn't hide their true emotions & feelings, and all that was just part of a big situation

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An Unfulfilled Dream

Many years have passed since the popular political movement in Yemen in 2011. For the first time I will publish these images of those individuals who actively took part in the "Change Square" in Yemen 2011.

My Father’s Last Days

This is not a professional work, it is just sad personal memories of my dad’s last days in life. All the photos were taken using mobile camera by me or my brother, Suhaib.