From Sanaa to Hilversum, Living in the land of bikes

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During my 80-day stay in Hilversum, The Netherlands, where I worked on design projects, I was captivated by the local bicycle lifestyle and its impressive infrastructure. The human touch evident in each bicycle intrigued me, revealing stories through customization, accessories, diverse designs, colors, and the varying ages of the bikes. The classic bell sounds and the distinctive noise of wheels at night left a lasting impression, offering a unique experience compared to my life in a city like Sanaa. In this photo series, I've tried to capture these 'moments' of bike life in Hilversum and Amsterdam. Here's a fun glimpse into this adventure, showcasing the chaotic charm of bicycles in a light-hearted way - capturing bikes in mid-tumble, cozy parking spots, and other quirky moments, one snapshot at a time

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